Monday, September 20, 2010

I fear I'm becoming.......

obsessed to the point of looneyness (I know not a word but it works for me) with Sarah Addison Allen. I love her books, simply love them. I am now a little less than half way through with my 3rd book of hers (though it's her 2nd) and I find myself quite upset with the notion I'll have no new books from her until March 2011. While I do find it nice she getting a new book to me for my birthday I'm sad there aren't 10 already here for me to read.

I love her yet I would prefer she had no family life, no social life, didn't take breaks to eat or sleep but instead kept writing continuously in order to keep me in books. I would like her to be my Scheherazade and have 1001 nights of stories available for me. All this while I have a large stack of books in my "To Be Read" stack all waiting for me.

I feel better having gotten this out there. I know she's doing her best to keep me in stories so I will have to settle for that and be grateful, which I am.

Well, now back to my book.

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