Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another thing I hate

Okay, so I don't want to sound like Andy Rooney just griping about stuff but a few things came up lately and it made me want to write them down.

First, a little while back I wrote about disliking when people I don't care for show up on Sesame Street. Well, I have another Sesame Street issue. I watch quite a bit of Sesame Street because of the babies and I do really like it. There's something soothing about that show and I have pleasant sense memories from both when my kids were little and when I was little. Anyway this Sesame Street gripe has to do when people I don't care for are on the show and rock it. You know being on Sesame Street is like being on the Simpson's. Probable better even, since it's been around for so long so you're excited about being on a show you grew up with and it gives you major cool points with your kids. So, when someone is on it I really want them to be into it and not everyone does a great job with it. I mean some people just go through the motions (I'm looking at you Kobe) and other people are totally into it. Here I'm looking square at Brian Williams who I'm crushing on big time due to at least two awesome Sesame Street appearances. I will go to my grave smiling over "Come back with my microphone, chicken" and "Squid, squid, squid, squid".

That leads me to my point. I liked Brian Williams even before his turn on the Street. But what happens when some one you don't care for shows up? I don't really care for Elizabeth Hasselback. I thinks she screechy and annoying and she just irks the crap out of me. The other day she showed up on Sesame Street to talk about "camouflage" and she was terrific. She just got it and was really into it which is what you need to do. Gack, now I have to kind of like her cause she rocked Sesame Street. Oh well, I guess I can deal with it But I'll say this Sarah Palin best not show up and do a great job. I just may have to explode if that happens.

Here's the other thing. I HATE when phones of T.V. shows have the same ring as my phone at home. We watch "The Glades" and it's a pretty good show. I like the main character and he and his partner have good chemistry. It's snarky but not to mean spirited. The romance in the show is good and it doesn't make me think too much. Anyway, the phones in the police station have the same ring as my home phone. You know what phones in police stations do? They ring. They ring all the time. Really all the time. We have to check our phone at least half a dozen times an episode. Aaaaarrrrrgggggg, it makes me crazy. You think if I write the production company they would change the ring? Probably not.

Oh well, on with the rest of my day.

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