Monday, September 6, 2010

Book # 35 "Garden Spells" by Sarah Addison Allen

She's done it to me again. I was minding my own business ~ really I was minding the business of Clair Waverley, her sister Sydney, and their cousin Evanelle ~ and sneaky old Sarah kept me awake all night. This is my second novel by this author and I'm absolutely in love with her stories. She really works her magic over me and both her books so far are just filled with magic.

"Garden Spells" tells the story of the Waverley sisters and the cousin. All have a certain talent that make them stand out from and sought out by the people of Bascom, North Carolina. Clair can use the mystical flowers and herbs growing in the Waverley garden to help people calm their children, remind lovers of past good times, or discourage the amorous intentions. Cousin Evanelle has always been driven to give people things, unusual items to unsuspecting recipients whose uses become clear. Enter long lost sister Sydney and her daughter Bay. After 10 years on the run from a family legacy she didn't thing she wanted Sydney is back trying to forget the dangerous life she left behind. Sydney soon discovers her Waverley gift and that Bay is a Waverley too.

There's a lot of love and magic and happiness in this story. The character are flawed but lovable and I found myself hoping they all have a happy ending. The love interests and secondary characters all help to make the story richer and more interesting. Plus who doesn't love a story with an ornery apple tree whose apples will make you see the most important event of your life and wants to tell you so much it will throw it's apples at you.

I've been swept away by both of Sarah's books. The third one is one the waiting list at my library and I'm waiting to get all three books she's published through Paperback Book Swap. She has a new one coming out soon but not soon enough for me. Please Sarah hurry and write faster. I need another night I don't get to bed until 2AM.

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