Saturday, September 18, 2010

Book # 37 "Lemon Meringue Pie Murder" by Joanne Fluke

My husband jokes about the various mystery series I read and the professions of the solvers of said mysteries. He loves to pick some far fetched job or hobby and then have them solve the crime. Topiary sculptor or glass blower, teapot collector or professional sock darner you name it they solve crimes. I myself am perfectly okay with this idea but then, I do have a remarkable ability to really suspend disbelief. So it all works out.

I'm just fine with Hannah Swensen being a baker who just happens to solve murders. I'm good with the idea the police in her town can't seem to solve any of these murders without her input. I'm alright with the fact Hannah stumbles on dead bodies more often than most people come across litter. This series works for me and I do enjoy most the characters.

In this outing Hannah's mom discovers a body in the basement of a house recently purchased by one of Hannah's love interests, Norman. (See she didn't stumble on the body this time so it works) In no time Hannah is investigating the murder and even has the okay of her other love interest, Mike, a detective in the local police. There's also a sub plot of stolen money and a local boy being led astray my his cousin and all of this takes place during 4th of July festivities.

I had a hard time sticking with this story. It moved just a little slow for me and it wasn't to hard to figure out who and why the murder was committed. The side stories of Hannah's diet and her little sisters visit didn't really move the story along (though I did like the character of the little sister). There were also time where Hannah came across as a little prudish or behind the times which just struck me as odd.

None of this turned me off to the series and I'm sure I'll keep plugging away. Plus, there are some really good recipes throughout and I love a good cookie recipe.

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