Wednesday, July 14, 2010

You know what I hate.....

...when some celebrity who I used to not hate becomes someone I think is a total douche and then shows up on Sesame Street. Case in point Tiki Barber. I used to not really think about him. Ya know, he was kind of cute when he was on The Today Show and he did the whole reading to kids thing with his twin brother (at least I think they were twins) and then he goes out an acts like a total tool, cheating on his wife and then trying to hose her and their kids about money.

Then today I'm watching Sesame Street with the babies and here's ole Tiki talking about going on the quest and all I can think is "Yeah, I bet you are you a**" and he ruins a perfectly good Oscar/Grover/Cookie Monster segment.

I hate that. Now back to the book blog.

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