Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Two, two, two books at once.

I haven't really done the two books at once thing for the reading challenge. Which is unusual because I often have two books going at the same time. But I guess because I want to finish reading in a timely manner I guess I'm not bouncing back and forth.

Anyway, I have two books going right no because I won an Ebook copy of "French Fried" which is subtitled "one man's move to France with his wife, too many animals, and an identity thief".

This is going to be my first complete read on Nook and I hate to say I'm really not hating it right now. I've been kind of vocal around the house about my distaste for electronic readers. I believe they could spell the end of actual, physical books. I love reading and by that I mean the physical act of reading. I love holding a book, I love turning pages, I love the smell of a book, I love book covers, I love the weight books have, and the way a soft cover book bends in your hand when you're reading it. There's something about the process of working my way through a book, seeing where I am (and don't get me started on book marks ~ I have a weird kind of love for those that borders on, well, never mind) and seeing how much I have left. So the whole e-reader thing rubbed me the wrong way.

Then I got one for my DH for his birthday. Hey, just cause I don't like it doesn't mean he has to dislike it. He likes tech and this was right up his ally. And then last week I won this ebook for one of my book blog web sites so I thought what the hey.

I've only been reading last night and I've only gotten about 20 pages in but I have to say I'm not hating it. It's light weight and kind of cool tech-y feel to it. The only thing I've noticed so far is that I aware of reading it on the device so I'm not as deep into the story but I'm thinking that will wear off as I get use to reading on it. For now I guess I'll being getting two books down for my quest and that's always good.

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